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If Article 21A becomes a reality, the needs of underprivileged children to receive online education cannot be denied: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court noted Friday that the needs of underprivileged students for online education must be protected in order for the right to education under Article 21A of the Const....Read More
October 2021

Custody of children obtained by committing fraud in a court likely to be declared void ab Initio: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court recalled an order granting custody of a child to a Kenyan citizen of Indian descent after finding that he had committed court fraud and approached him with "uncle....Read More
October 2021

JOB POST: Faculty Positions, Placement Officer, Physical Instructor at KLE Society’s Law College, Bengaluru: Apply by Sep 20

About the organisation: The Karnataka Lingayat Education Association (KLE Society), founded in 1916, operates more than 250 educational institutions across the country. KLE Soci....Read More
September 2021

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