Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship 2022 [Public Education]: Apply by Oct 29

Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship 2022 [Public Education]: Apply by Oct 29


Are you passionate about contributing to public education? Applications are now open for the prestigious Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship 2022. Azim Premji Foundation Scholarship: The Azim Premji Foundation Scholarship is an opportunity for professionals working in a variety of fields who are looking for meaningful ways to contribute to social change. The Fellows' Journey has, in the experience of many, been a rich combination of learning about our country's public education system, contributing in the field, and building a career in the social sector. Throughout the program, fellows will gain a rich experience of the real India, with in-depth educational learning and the opportunity to contribute to a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. . How does it work? Immersion: • The researcher works in some of the most remote places in India, has close contact with public schools in rural India, and explores the nuances of public education. • At least 120 days of class time spent in public school classes. • researchers were placed in a school in one of our locations, where, in addition to teaching, they also interacted with teachers, the community, and education officials. Learning: • What opportunities for doctoral students “learn by doing” what education really means. • Fellows spend their time reading and understanding educational ideas. • They discuss ideas with their colleagues in the Foundation, put these ideas in the field, test them with real-world experience, defend them, and often refute existing opinions. long ago. • They experience classroom instruction and interactions with children, teachers, and the community. • They can also observe grade-level teacher engagement forums by participating in different types of workshops. • All of this helps them to better understand not only the school and the teachers, but also the society in which they are involved. Contributions: • Post-graduation fellows can continue to work with us in a variety of roles at the local level. • The scholarship may lead to a long-term career opportunity with the Foundation. • The Foundation needs passionate and committed people to work with us on our vision of a just and egalitarian society . Duration and start of the grant Duration: 1 year Start: The grant will start from March 2022. Eligibility • If you are doing exceptional work in your current field and are currently looking for meaningful ways to contribute to social change, the Azim Premji scholarship is for you. • 4-10 years of professional experience • Degree in any major • Speaks fluently English and any local language (Hindi, Kannada) • Applicants must be under 35 • Willing to travel within the county and available to be posted in the counties in which the Foundation operates in Compensation and Welfare • Fellows will receive a monthly salary of Rs. 37,000. Taxes and statutory deductions will apply. • In addition to salary, scholarship holders are also insured under various insurances such as health, life and accident insurance. • In addition to this, fellows are also eligible for grants such as relocation and housing assistance (in accordance with institution policy). Application Process • Complete the online application form and upload your CV with it. Only online applications will be accepted. No other documents were requested at the time of request. • After successfully submitting your online application, you will receive an email with your login information and a link to the website to the 'Candidate Portal'. You can view the current status of your application in this candidate portal. A system generated message will also be sent to your registered email id for any action that takes place on your profile. Selection Process Phase one: Online Application Deadline: October 29, 2021 Phase two: Selection • After receiving the detailed application form, your application will be evaluated. • If your application is shortlisted after this evaluation, you will be invited to take a written test. • If your application is not shortlisted at this stage, you will receive an email notification. Phase three: Written Exam • After the assessment, if you are shortlisted, you will receive an admission card (online) to take the written exam. • You will be scheduled to take a digital test in the first week or two of November 21. • If you are shortlisted in the digital test, you will be asked to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP). An email will be sent to you requesting a POE with an expiration date. • After receiving your SoP, we will organize the first round of interviews with you. Phase Four: Conferences and Interviews • Personal Interview: Week 2 / Week 3 December 2021. • First Round of Interviews: Give a 10-15 minute speech to the interview team on whatever social topic interests you the most. You can use graph paper / PPT or any other medium that you are more familiar with for the presentation. Your field observation experience will also be discussed. • candidates who passed the first round of interviews entered the final round of interviews. Phase 5: Announcement of the finalists and appointments. • Communication (via email) of the finalists: within 15 days after the end of the interview process. Admission process: • 2 weeks after shortlist is announced. After has successfully completed the process, you will receive an admission notice by email and a hard copy when you enroll. • Candidates selected for the scholarship must reply to the acceptance notice within one week of receiving the admission notice via return mail. They must inform their current employer of their decision to accept the scholarship. The establishment date of will be the third week of March 2022. Location At district level in one of five states • Chhattisgarh • Madhya Pradesh • Rajasthan • Uttarakhand • Karnataka You will stay in your respective residence. The location of your block will be notified to you prior to your membership. Click here for more information on the Fellowship.

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