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Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University is a premier educational institution situated at “NYAYAPRASTA” Sabbavaram 30 kilometres from Visakhapatnam the “City of Destiny”. It caters the needs of more than 600 students and research scholars from across the country. Its mission is to design and deliver legal education, promote academic achievement and excellence in legal research. The University offers 5 year integrated B.A. LL.B. (Hons) Degree and one year LL.M. programe, Ph.D. and LL.D. The University has MOUs for student exchange programs with four Prestigious National Law Universities. Additionally, the University has a MOU with ICADR; and is a deemed Study Center by the IGNOU.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) refers to the creations of mind and it confers right to the creator by law, towards the exclusive use of his creation. Though this right is granted for a certain period, the exclusive nature of it makes it significant. In India, IP law has undergone a significant change due to TRIPS, which has a direct impact on legal regime pertaining to patents, copyrights, designs, trademarks, geographical indications etc. The existing IP laws were amended from time to time to be on par with international standards. In recent years, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has emerged as the most important policy instrument. With its growing presence, it has been however, subjected to intense criticism. Moreover, the structure of the institution itself has undergone periodic changes with incorporations of new subject matters into its ambit. This simulation intends to provide an analytical overview of the content and structure of the institution of IPR along with its evolutionary trajectory. In a nutshell, the simulation will cover the philosophy of intellectual property rights, various technical and legal dimensions of IPR,implications of IPR for growth and development of science, along with the various socio-economic and ethico-legal consequences of IPR on economic development. The intricacies and effectiveness of the contemporary IPRs will be examined in the backdrop of its historical evolution, integration of the world economy, and technological complexity.

DamodaramSanjivayya National Law University (DSNLU) Visakhapatnam is pleased to announce that Society for Law and Technology (SOLT)is organizing a team-based simulation titled “DSNLU : Model Assembly of Member States,” on 16-17th March 2018 at DSNLU Campus. This simulation is a unique attempt to reach out to a large number of students pursuing law, science and humanities.