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Moot court society, or the MCS, is the heart of Law college Dehradun, as is every moot court committee of a law college. Student -run, faculty-advised and monitored, the MCS is constituted of three parts: The patron (Principal and Dean of the college), the faculy advisory board (composed of a group of law faculty from the college) and the most crucial and active part The Executive board (The student members). The society is governed by its constitution specially drafted with the intent of the society, as envisaged in the preamble of its constitution, is to foster the intrest of law students by encouraging and assisting them in developing, inter alia, legal acumen, research and advocacy skills. The society organizes various intramural competition eaxh semester and at least one national competition each year, in addition to other competitions suiting the necessity and interest of the student of the college. The society has a president and  a vice- president, along with other officers to manage its administration, and convener along with a co-convener to look after competition and events. Special department have been attributed to training  and research within the society.



The constitution of a country is its suprema lex, its the constitution to which all laws surrender and adhere. Law college Dehardun, faculty of Uttaranchal University National Moot court competition is an annually hosted national level moot court competition based on constitutional law. This competition is considered to be of great repute by the mooting circuits of the country. It is administered by the moot court society of the college.

Other than contributing to the field of constitutional law, this competition serves as channel through which young law student can showcase and hone their adocacy skills.

The first edition of the competition was won by NUJS Kolkata and CNLU Patna were the runners up. The second edition of this competition was won by NLU Jodhpur while CNLU Patna were again the runners up. Now this year we welcome participation from the best law schools of the country in the expection to chisel out the proficent lawyers and judges of future.