AN INSIGHT TO LAW AND SOCIETY, Article writing Competition

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AN INSIGHT TO LAW AND SOCIETY, Article writing Competition

About the Competition:

For the upcoming flag bearers of the society, it’s very important to have an insightful view of how law & society as institutions operate. So as the name of the competition already suggests, this competition will bring forth that insightful view of the participants through different angles & perspectives. The topics are designed in such a way which will ignite vivid views & allow the participants to polish up their thought process & sieve out the unbiased & rational opinions. The participants will develop a better outlook & stir up the grey matter, helping them to become more articulate in expressing the plights & triumphs of law & society.


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  • ·         Are we heading towards a 3rd World War?
  • ·         Brexit and New face of Europe
  • ·         Food and Health safety in Africa
  • ·         Refugee crisis across globe 
  • ·         How India got upper hand in Doklam Standoff?
  • ·         ISIS- Terrorism in the name of religious fanaticism.

India: Past Preset and Future

  • ·         What if India was never colonized?
  • ·         Safe keeping Men’s rights.
  • ·         Religious and spiritual leaders- their influence over society 
  • ·         Is Indian law sexiest?
  • ·         Education system in India: challenges and opportunity

Law and Society

  • ·         Human rights and War against Terrorism.
  • ·         Fundamental Right to privacy, boon or bane?
  • ·         Women and personal laws -Restriction of women in sacred places.  


  • ·         Cyber security & threat.
  • ·         Artificial intelligence and society
  • ·         Technological advancement: convenience or hardship for humans 
  • ·         Digital currency: bitcoins and other currencies 


  • ·         Global warning: changing climate pattern and its consequences 
  • ·         Sustainable development and environment.
  • ·         Renewable energy and future security
  • ·         Role of Technology in conservation of nature