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About Conference of Parties (COP)
COP is the highest decision-making authority of the Convention. All countries that are Parties to the Convention are members of the COP, and each has equal status. One of the main responsibilities of the COP is to keep the international efforts to address climate change on track. The parties have been meeting annually in the COP since 1995 to review the implementation of the Convention and assess the effects of the measures taken by the parties. The COP can also adopt decisions to further develop the Convention’s rules, and negotiate substantive new commitments.

Details of the Event

1. The event simulates the climate negotiations during the Conference of Parties (COP23) that will take place in Bonn, Germany in the month of November, 2017.

2. During the two day’s simulation, participants will take on the role as a diplomat for one of the countries involved in the current negotiations regard-ing issues of global importance concerning Climate.

3. The idea is to debate, consult and negotiate in order to come up with a reso-lution that addresses some of the critical issues in the climate change debate across the globe.

4. For each of these 4 issues, there will be different choices for a statement. The country representatives can read the country’s policy on these four issues in the country’s position paper which is not more than 500 words that specifies what your country thinks of the topic being discussed.

5. The ultimate goal of the participants will be to get everyone to agree on a statement that satisfies most of their policy interests in the topic being discussed. The position paper submitted by each participant is a simplified overview of a country’s position that has been fitted into the context.

6. Not all of the position papers necessarily reflect the countries current positions 

7. During the simulation all countries may meet in the groups in order to work on a common strategy for the negotiations on a new climate treaty. However, it is also important that a common statement is formed with all the member States present at conference.

8. The dress code is an important part of the simulation. Hence, students should attend the session with proper Formal delegate attire.